Where in the world is the Accessory Snob (Chapter 5)

OK folks,

Here we go again. First news from our last posted contest, which was a first in that there were NO WINNERS. I guess we just went too tough on that one. The official chapter four contest is over. The locale was a little town called Wikiup Arizona and from the gas station (might be the only one in town) is the view of a mountain formation called “The Sleeping Maiden”.

OK So here is the picture of our next locale. With one hint is that it is NOT in Michigan.

The rules are that the first correct answer of the City AND what the picture is of. So that is a WHAT and a WHERE answer. The first correct answer gets their choice of jewelry we offer up to a value of $100.00.

To make your guess as to where this is, just go to our blogsite (unless you are already here LOL) which is at www.accessorysnobs.com/blog then hit reply and enter your guess. If you make your guess on Facebook at www.facebook.com/accessory.snobs this is also acceptable. Both sites will time stamp your answer and I will see who answered correctly first.



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