Stainless Steel – The New Sterling Silver??

Over the last several years and with more to come, Sterling Silver has been affected by rising prices.

Now, other than Gold, Silver (.999) is the second most popular metal to own as a hedge to inflation and for security.  The price has rocketed up from around $5.00 little more than 4 years ago to over $30.00 today. What does this foretell for the Jewelry Industry? Well, folks are having to pay Gold-Like prices for Sterling Silver Jewelry and this has resulted in the lowering of the overall Silver Sales Nationwide.

Women (and men as well) have to wear Jewelry. It is as old a tradition as anything in this world. We adorn our bodies with Jewels. We always have and we always will. The problems with this are that the prices of those baubles and bangles are becoming outside the realm of reality for most people.

What does this leave us with? Well, it leaves us with deciding what we CAN wear, that we CAN afford. This enters in Stainless Steel and other metals for Jewelry. Let’s look at some of these. There is brass and peweter and other low grade metals that most everyone has issues with in terms of alergies. They tend to be even toxic to some. So therefore the “Costume” Jewelry market, while it is growing rapidly, cannot be worn by many people. Thankfully, most Costume Jewelry makers are plating the brass and peweter and other metals with a Chrome-like metal called Rhodium, which is hypo-alergenic and can serve at least temporarily as a beautiful substitute. Rhodium is from the Platinum Family and is a hard durable metal that like to be matched with brass and other metals and usually will wear great over time.

There is Tungsten, another metal which is the hardest metal made by man. It will not scratch (unlike even Gold and Silver), lasts a lifetime and is particularly suited to men who work and tend to ruin their Gold, Silver and even Stainless Steel wedding rings. Tungsten Jewelry is becoming more affordable as more Manufacturers use it for their Men’s Jewelry.

And now for the subject of this article, the pros and cons of Stainless Steel Jewelry. Let us start with the cons. One factor is that the jewelry, when it gets old has no underlying value like Gold does so you will not be selling it off for scrap like we all are doing with our Gold Jewelry these days. BUT this is offset by the fact that it is SO affordable. The only other problem here has been the limited selection that has been available over the years. However this is all changing now due to the cost of Silver. More and More manufacturers are now seeing the light and making some spectacular Stainless Jewelry.

That is the only “Con” I can think of. Every other aspect of Stainless Steel Jewelry is a pro. Like how affordable it is,

Only a few years ago you could get some men’s things like watchbands and bracelets and rings and such, but now women are also the beneficiaries of this trend. There is every day more and more traditional Jewelry made in stainless Steel. More rings (bigger, more complex designs and better), earrings, thin chains, etc. etc.

Have a look at our store to see what we have and also stop by one of our Sam’s Club displays for even more. We do not at this time have it all on the web, there is WAY more at our displays.

Until Next Time,

Dean Glosup


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