Where in the World is the Accessory Snob (Chapter 4) CONTEST!!

OK Folks.

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YOU CAN WIN YOUR CHOICE of Jewelry from anything in our beautiful jewelry line totaling $100.00. Yes, that’s right. a $100.00 Gift Certificate good for anything we have.

As before, we need the EXACT name and location of this picture taken by the Accessory Snob herself.

The first exact name and location wins the Gift Certificate.

As you all know, the Accessory Snob gets around quite a bit. She travels from State to State following her dreams (and doing a fair amount of business). As you can see from the past she was at the New York, New York Casino in Las Vegas, she was at the Meteor Crater in (or near) Winslow Arizona, She was strolling along the River-Walk in San Antonio Texas. Who knows where she will end up next.

For this contest we have only one picture, so study it well and let the game begin!!


Only one winner, determined by the exact time of entry. Entry can be on Facebook at www.facebook.com/accessory.snobs or via email to designer925@sbcglobal.net

We recommend that, if you know or find out what this is a picture of, and where exactly it was taken, that you go to the facebook page as that seems to track the time stamps better.

We reserve the right to a run-off in the event there is a dispute as to the time of correct answer entries.




Where in the World is the Accessory Snob

Where in the World is the Accessory Snob??



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  • Dean Glosup

    OK Folks, after 2 weeks, we have no correct responses. TIME FOR A HINT. Here we go!

    This spot is a KNOWN spot and actually HAS A NAME, it is not some random mountaintop.

    It is the State of Arizona. That is your hint. Make your guesses at the facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/accessory.snobs

    Good Luck!

    • Gina

      White Mountains, Arizona

      • Dean Glosup

        No, Not there, but anyone to respond to this needs to do it at this location…


        Reason being is that I do not moderate this all the time and the Facebook allows a time stamp on the first right answer so no question who is the winner.

  • Robin Hanson

    Santa Catalina mountain??

    • Dean Glosup


  • Terrie Wynne

    This is a picture of the Grand Canyon

  • C. Olson

    this is in Flagstaff, AZ

  • Karen Boss

    At the time of day this was taken it is quite hard to determine exactly where this is. If it had been taken at sunset or sunrise it would have been a little easier to determine. I do believe it is Navajo Mountain,Az.

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