Heshe Chain

Sterling Silver Chain – Heshe

This is a great chain for most pendants. Very secure and strong. I prefer over any box for strength. It also looks lovely alone.
I love the look of a simple chain on the neck sometimes especially when I have more dramatic earrings on. Great lobster claw type of clasp, very secure.
Always store your chains separate from any pendants. I just coil my chains up and keep them in a plastic bag with either an anti-tarnish strip or a little piece of aluminum foil. They stay clean forever this way.

Most people don’t realize this but silver is much softer than gold. As with ANY chain with the wrong amount of force the chain will break. I do not recommend silver chains for any pendants with diamonds.

I also don’t recommend sleeping in any jewelry except for OUR stainless steel line as we manufacture it and it is made with 316L stainless and goes through a special polishing method that keeps the stainless having the exact same sheen for ever.

The worst thing anyone can do with their silver chains is to hang them on a chain “tree” or some sort of stand where the chain is just out and exposed to the air. A complete recipe for disaster. Please let me know if you have done this and your chains are a mess. I will give you the home-made recipe for cleaning them up. Easy peasy. You can also use a silver polishing cloth. Ours is the best, and will handle this diabolical problem immediately and easily. I have heard many women say, “I just threw out the chain”. YIKES YIKES YIKES! There is no reason the throw out your jewelry unless it is destroyed completely.

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Heshe Chain

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